Lectures in Evolutionary Phonology

Empirical Foundations in Linguistics, International Chair, French National Center for Scientific Research, Paris. October, 2016


“Advances in Proto-Basque Reconstruction and the Proto-Indo-European-Euskara Hypothesis”

Harvard Linguistics Circle, Cambridge, MA. 2015


“Phonological diversity: some implications for models of grammar”

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, Leipzig, Germany. 2015


“*m and *ph in Proto-Basque”

Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea (University of the Basque Country), Vitoria-Gasteiz. 2014

“Areal sound patterns: perceptual magnets and stone soup”

Invited Speaker, XIII EILNM. Hosted by Universidad de Sonora, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
November 12-15, 2014


“Advances in Proto-Basque Reconstruction: Extensions of the CVC Root Theory”

Invited talk, ICHL 21, Oslo, Norway
(Joint work with Ander Egurtzegi University of the Basque Country)
August 5-9, 2013



“What Can the World Tell Us About the Mind?: Evidence from Historical Phonology”

Invited talk, Special Panel on Methodology and Epistemology in Language Sciences
37th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium
March 22, 2013.


“How Diverse are Repairs for Multiple Labial Consonants?”

Invited Speaker, NELS 2012 – Hunter College
October 20, 2012


“The Life Cycle of Voiceless Sonorants”

Invited talk, 2nd Workshop on Sound Change – Kloster Seeon, Bavaria, Germany.
May 4, 2012


“Duality of Patterning: Absolute universal or statistical tendency?”

Colloquium talk – NYU
February 10, 2012.